Curriculum for: 31-413-2
 Electric Power Distribution

Vast Networks of wires and cables transmit the electric
power produced in generating plants to individual customers,
connect telephone central offices to customer's telephones
and switchboards, and extend cable TV to residential and
commercial customers. These networks are constructed and
maintained by line installers and cable splicers. To install
new electric power or telephone lines, line installers or
line erectors install poles and terminals, erect towers, and
place wires and cables. Power equipment is typically used to
dig holes and set poles. Line installers climb the poles or
use truck-mounted buckets (aerial work platforms) and use
hand tools to attach the cables. When working with electric
power lines, installers bolt or clamp insulators onto the
poles before attaching the cable. They may also install
transformers, circuit breakers, switches, or other
equipment. To bury underground cable, they use trenchers,
plows, and other power equipment.
The Electric Power Distribution program prepares a student
to advance to an electric line technician apprenticeship and
related occupations. Students learn how to properly climb
poles and install line hardware and equipment. Safety
policies and procedures will be taught and strictly adhered
to. Students will learn motor vehicle operation and
maintenance, attain a working knowledge of ropes and
rigging, proper application of rubber protective equipment
and use of hot sticks. Students will also study and apply
mapping and laying out lines for construction. Students will
set poles at proper depth, install guys and anchors of the
required strength to hold various lines.
AC and DC current will be taught along with Introduction to
Fundamentals of Electricity.

Total Credits in Program (available at BTC):30

835-103 - Student Success
Students should take this course prior to or during the first semester of their program. This is an institutional requirement for all students.

 Note: Semester schedules are displayed in the recommended order of completion. However, classes may be taken in any order, providing course and/or program pre-requisites and co-requisites are satisfied.

First Year, First Semester Curriculum
 Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
 413-303Ind Elect-Line Technicians2
 413-304Safety Procedures I-Line Tech1
 413-310Electric Power Distribution 1A5
 413-315Electric Power Distribution 1B5
 804-304Math Fundamentals2

First Year, Second Semester Curriculum
 Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
 413-305Safety Procedures II-Line Tech1
 413-320Electric Power Distribution 2A5
 413-325Electric Power Distribution 2B5
 806-315Applied Science2



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