Curriculum for: 30-504-1
 Crim Just-Law Enforce 520 Acad

Persons interested in careers in criminal justice will
receive theoretical and practical information in the
program. Criminal Justice is becoming increasingly complex
and important. Today's criminal justice employees must be
trained to meet the challenges of our changing society. The
Criminal Justice Program courses, as well as support and
general education courses, will prepare the student for a
position as a law enforcement officer (state, county,
municipal), correctional officer, juvenile detention
office, police dispatcher, or many other occupational areas
in the criminal justice system.
In order to become certifiable as a police officer in
Wisconsin, the State of Wisconsin-Law Enforcement Standards
Board (LESB) requires successful completion of a 520 hour
training curriculum (police academy training).

Total Credits in Program (available at BTC):16

835-103 - Student Success
Students should take this course prior to or during the first semester of their program. This is an institutional requirement for all students.

 Note: Semester schedules are displayed in the recommended order of completion. However, classes may be taken in any order, providing course and/or program pre-requisites and co-requisites are satisfied.

First Year, First Semester Curriculum
 Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
 504-301Policing in America1
 504-302The Legal Context2
 504-303Tactical Skills3
 504-304Relational Skills3
 504-305Patrol Procedures4



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