Curriculum for: 10-623-1
 Industrial Engineering Tech

The Industrial Engineering program is designed to train
persons to serve as technicians in the fields of
industrial engineering and manufacturing production.
Challenging assignments in any industry are open to
qualified male or female industrial engineering technicians.
This program is designed with the working student in mind,
and is offered on a part-time basis in the evenings. Most
students are able to attain their Associate Degree in three
to five years. Several of the technical courses are
available in a self-paced format.
Industrial engineering technicians work on problems
involving the efficient use of personnel, materials, and
machines in the production of goods and equipment
of all kinds, food processing, health care facilities, and
many others.
Industrial engineering technicians use principles of science
engineering, and mathematics to solve problems in quality
control, research and development, manufacturing, sales,
construction, and customer service. Many industrial
engineering technicians directly assist engineers and
scientists, while others work more independently in
production and inspection-related jobs. Their jobs are more
practically oriented than those of scientists and engineers,
and typically involve dealing with both the human and
technical aspects of the workplace.

Total Credits in Program (available at BTC):63

835-103 - Student Success
Students should take this course prior to or during the first semester of their program. This is an institutional requirement for all students.

 Note: Semester schedules are displayed in the recommended order of completion. However, classes may be taken in any order, providing course and/or program pre-requisites and co-requisites are satisfied.

First Year, First Semester Curriculum
 Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
 196-135Leadership: Individual to Team3
 623-121Eng Drawing & Measurement3
 623-170Ind Organization & Structure3
 801-195Written Communication3
 804-113College Technical Math 1A3

First Year, Second Semester Curriculum
 Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
 606-127Two-Dimensional CAD3
 623-122Ergonomics & Workplace Safety2
 623-160Manufacturng Mtrls & Processes3
 806-112Principles of Sustainability3
 801-196Oral/Interpersonal Comm3
 804-114College Technical Math 1B2


Second Year, First Semester Curriculum
 Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
 623-165Facilities Planning3
 623-192Process Planning3
 625-101Foundations of Quality3
 806-154General Physics 14
Second Year, Second Semester Curriculum
 Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
 623-155Statistical Process Control3
 623-196Standards & Regulations1
 809-198Intro to Psychology3

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