Curriculum for: 10-526-1

Radiography prepares individuals for a career in diagnostic
radiology (X-Ray) as a radiographer. The radiographer is
a technologist who produces images of the human body to aid
physicians in the diagnosis of injuries and diseases.
Graduates of the program are eligible to take the
entry-level certification examination administered by the
American Registry of Radiography Technologists (ARRT)
and may obtain employment in the x-ray departments
associated with hospitals, medical clinics, veterinary
clinics, and private offices.
Program curriculum focuses on theoretical and applied
radiography and includes a clinical experience in a
radiographic department. The program is accredited by the
Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology
(JRCERT). Students learn to use x-ray imaging machines to
demonstrate body parts on x-ray films for diagnostic
purposes, including diagnostic radiology, bedside and trama
procedures, pediatric radiography, and special procedures.

Total Credits in Program (available at BTC):70

835-103 - Student Success
Students should take this course prior to or during the first semester of their program. This is an institutional requirement for all students.

 Note: Semester schedules are displayed in the recommended order of completion. However, classes may be taken in any order, providing course and/or program pre-requisites and co-requisites are satisfied.

Required Courses (Before First Year)
 Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
 526-158Introduction to Radiography3
 526-168Radiography Clinical 12
 801-195Written Communication3
 804-107College Mathematics3
 806-177Gen Anatomy & Physiology4

First Year, First Semester Curriculum
 Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
 526-149Radiographic Procedures 15
 526-159Radiographic Imaging 13
 526-192Radiography Clinical 23
 801-196Oral/Interpersonal Comm3

First Year, Second Semester Curriculum
 Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
 526-170Radiographic Imaging 23
 526-191Radiographic Procedures 25
 526-193Radiography Clinical 33
 809-198Intro to Psychology3

Required Summer Courses (Between Years)
 Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
 526-199Radiography Clinical 43

Second Year, First Semester Curriculum
 Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
 526-190Radiography Clinical 52
 526-194Imaging Equipment Operation3
 526-195Radiographic Quality Analysis2
Second Year, Second Semester Curriculum
 Course NumberCourse TitleCredits
 526-174ARRT Certification Seminar2
 526-189Radiographic Pathology1
 526-197Radiation Protection & Biology3
 526-198Radiography Clinical 62
 809-196Intro to Sociology3

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