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 Oral/Interpersonal Comm
 Focuses upon developing speaking, verbal and nonverbal communication, and listening skills through individual presentations, group activities, and other projects.

Pre-Requisite Class/Test Options
 CourseCourse/TestTest Score
 -ASSET Reading Skills39
Or-COMPASS Reading Skills073
Or-ACT Reading16
Or-Test Waived-College Cred/Degre0
Or838-104Intro to College Reading 
Or838-104Intro to College Reading 
Or801-195Written Communication 
Or801-136English Composition 1 
Or804-133Math & Logic 
Or806-110Forensic Sci (Criminalistics) 
Or806-112Principles of Sustainability 
Or806-118Metal Science 
Or806-134General Chemistry 
Or806-139Survey Of Physics 
Or806-154General Physics 1 
Or806-177Gen Anatomy & Physiology 
Or806-186Intro to Biochemistry 
Or806-194Survey of Anatomy & Physiology 
Or806-199Gen, Organic & Bio Chemistry 
Or809-103Think Critically & Creatively 
Or809-166Intro to Ethics: Theory & App 
Or809-172Intro to Diversity Studies 
Or809-188Developmental Psychology 
Or809-196Intro to Sociology 
Or809-198Intro to Psychology 
Or809-199Psychology of Human Relations 

Sections Available
                                                                                                                Grid may be sorted by clicking on any underlined heading.
TermCRN CourseCampusSeats AvailableWait ListLevelStatusTypeMeetings (see description below)InstructorFeesBook Info 
Summer 201510919801-196-1C1Central Campus220CROpen 
06/15/2015-08/05/2015MW06:00 P.M.-09:00 P.M.
$400.92View Book Info
Summer 201510920801-196-1I1Internet220CROpenOnline
Benjamin Jedd$430.92View Book Info
Summer 201510918801-196-1C2Central Campus120CROpenITV
06/15/2015-08/05/2015MW01:00 P.M.-04:00 P.M.
$400.92View Book Info
Summer 201512837801-196-1M1Monroe Campus100CROpenITV
06/15/2015-08/05/2015MW01:00 P.M.-04:00 P.M.
$400.92View Book Info
Spring 201534830801-196-1CHCentral Campus20CRClosed 
01/15/2015-05/14/2015R06:00 P.M.-08:50 P.M.
Kathy Taylor$400.92View Book Info
Spring 201534828801-196-1T1Advanced Mfg Training Center130CRClosed 
01/13/2015-05/14/2015TR12:30 P.M.-01:50 P.M.
Clifford Bundy$400.92View Book Info
Spring 201534825801-196-1B2Beloit Center100CRClosed 
01/13/2015-05/14/2015TR10:00 A.M.-11:25 A.M.
John Norland$400.92View Book Info
Spring 201534967801-196-1C5Central Campus10CRClosed 
01/13/2015-05/14/2015TR03:30 P.M.-04:50 P.M.
Kathy Taylor$400.92View Book Info
Spring 201534831801-196-1CMCentral Campus00CRClosed 
01/13/2015-05/12/2015T06:00 P.M.-08:50 P.M.
Sarah Schwartz$400.92View Book Info
Spring 201535774801-196-1M4Monroe Campus110CRClosed 
01/12/2015-05/11/2015M05:30 P.M.-08:25 P.M.
Clifford Bundy$400.92View Book Info
Spring 201560504801-196-1I4Internet50CRClosedOnline
Benjamin Jedd$430.92View Book Info
Spring 201560969801-196-1I5Internet30CRClosedOnline
Benjamin Jedd$430.92View Book Info
Spring 201534827801-196-1CLCentral Campus30CRClosed 
01/12/2015-05/11/2015M05:30 P.M.-08:25 P.M.
Kristine Weir-Martell$400.92View Book Info
Spring 201534826801-196-1CECentral Campus20CRClosed 
01/12/2015-05/13/2015MW09:30 A.M.-10:50 A.M.
John Norland$400.92View Book Info
Spring 201534966801-196-1CJCentral Campus00CRClosed 
01/12/2015-05/13/2015MW01:00 P.M.-02:25 P.M.
John Norland$400.92View Book Info
Status: Open = available for registration; Full = space unavailable - request additional section; Closed = class already in session - not available for registration
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