Please Note: The Wisconsin Legislature is considering changes to the tuition structure for the Wisconsin Technical Colleges, which if approved, would likely be effective for the Fall 2015 semester. Should changes to tuition occur after fall registration begins, you will be notified of any adjustments in course registration billing and payment plan agreements as applicable.

 Students will master the computer keyboard by touch including the letters and numeric keypad. Computer software is used to begin development of acceptable speed and accuracy levels.


Sections Available
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TermCRN CourseCampusSeats AvailableWait ListLevelStatusTypeMeetings (see description below)InstructorFeesBook Info 
Spring 201660928106-140-3C4Central Campus120CROpen 
04/04/2016-05/18/2016MW08:00 A.M.-09:50 A.M.
$139.32View Book Info
Spring 201660926106-140-3C3Central Campus120CROpen 
03/28/2016-05/18/2016MW06:00 P.M.-07:50 P.M.
$139.32View Book Info
Spring 201661458106-140-2C3Central Campus120CROpen 
01/26/2016-03/17/2016TR08:30 A.M.-10:25 A.M.
$139.32View Book Info
Spring 201639444106-140-2C4Central Campus120CROpen 
01/25/2016-03/16/2016MW01:00 P.M.-02:50 P.M.
Deborah Kunkle$139.32View Book Info
Fall 201529405106-140-3C1Central Campus110CROpen 
10/26/2015-12/16/2015MW06:00 P.M.-07:50 P.M.
Julie Scheppele$139.32View Book Info
Fall 201529422106-140-3C2Central Campus100CROpen 
10/26/2015-12/16/2015MW01:00 P.M.-02:50 P.M.
Kathleen Coehoorn$139.32View Book Info
Fall 201529094106-140-2C2Central Campus120CRClosed 
08/24/2015-10/21/2015MW06:00 P.M.-07:50 P.M.
Linda Daane$139.32View Book Info
Fall 201524399106-140-2C1Central Campus80CRClosed 
08/24/2015-10/21/2015MW01:00 P.M.-02:50 P.M.
Patricia DeGarmo$139.32View Book Info
Status: Open = available for registration; Full = space unavailable - request additional section; Closed = class already in session - not available for registration
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