Intro to MS Office Suites
 This course will introduce students to the Microsoft Office Suite software and overview many of the core competencies of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. Students will use technology for both problem solving and decision making and will be expected to use the resources available to search for answers to problems. Knowledge of creating and saving a document to a specific drive, open and closing multiple applications, locating a website using the URL and sending or receiving an e-mail with an attachment plus touch keyboarding skills are expected. If you are not proficient in these skills then Keyboarding 106-140 and Intro to Computer Basics 103-127 are highly recommended pre/corequisites for this course. These recommended pre/corequisites may also be taken concurrently with the Introduction to Microsoft Suites course. This course is taught using MS Office 2013. All assignments and assessments must be submitted using MS Office 2013.


Sections Available
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TermCRN CourseCampusSeats AvailableWait ListLevelStatusTypeMeetings (see description below)InstructorFeesBook Info 
Summer 201711929103-106-1C1Central Campus210CROpen 
06/12/2017-08/07/2017MW09:00 A.M.-11:50 A.M.
$415.11View Book Info
Summer 201713148103-106-1I1Internet110CROpenOnline
Patricia DeGarmo$445.11View Book Info
Spring 201736612103-106-1C7Central Campus30CRClosed 
01/27/2017-05/19/2017F09:00 A.M.-11:50 A.M.
Jo Ribordy-Christofferson$415.11View Book Info
Spring 201736613103-106-1M3Monroe Campus130CRClosed 
01/26/2017-05/18/2017R06:00 P.M.-08:50 P.M.
Robin McLeish$415.11View Book Info
Spring 201737062103-106-1CACentral Campus00CRClosed 
01/25/2017-05/17/2017W06:00 P.M.-08:50 P.M.
Julie Scheppele$415.11View Book Info
Spring 201738358103-106-1H3Central Campus100CRClosedHybrid
01/26/2017-05/18/2017R01:00 P.M.-02:25 P.M.
Jo Ribordy-Christofferson$415.11View Book Info
Spring 201736135103-106-1I2Internet90CRClosedOnline
Kathleen Coehoorn$445.11View Book Info
Spring 201737030103-106-1H2Central Campus90CRClosedHybrid
01/25/2017-05/17/2017W10:30 A.M.-11:50 A.M.
Patricia DeGarmo$415.11View Book Info
Spring 201738811103-106-1I3Internet80CRClosedOnline
Robin McLeish$445.11View Book Info
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