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 Intro to Business & Mgmt
 Students will be introduced to business operations, focusing on a basic understanding of the activities, functions, and principles of business enterprises. This course covers the responsibilities and challenges of operating a business. The course emphasizes human relations, management, marketing, finance, human resources, global business, and starting a business.


Sections Available
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TermCRN CourseCampusSeats AvailableWait ListLevelStatusTypeMeetings (see description below)InstructorFeesBook Info 
Spring 201538445102-148-1B1Beloit Center170CROpen 
01/12/2015-05/11/2015M01:00 P.M.-03:50 P.M.
Helen Proeber$400.92View Book Info
Spring 201537426102-148-1I2Internet100CROpenOnline
Helen Proeber$430.92View Book Info
Fall 201424457102-148-1C2Central Campus10CRClosed 
08/20/2014-12/10/2014W08:00 A.M.-10:50 A.M.
Helen Proeber$400.92View Book Info
Fall 201424458102-148-1C3Central Campus20CRClosed 
08/19/2014-12/09/2014T06:00 P.M.-08:50 P.M.
Jonathan Staebell$400.92View Book Info
Fall 201450185102-148-1I2Internet120CRClosedOnline
Jonathan Staebell$430.92View Book Info
Fall 201426905102-148-1I1Internet70CRClosedOnline
Jonathan Staebell$430.92View Book Info
Fall 201424367102-148-1C5Central Campus50CRClosed 
08/18/2014-12/08/2014M12:00 P.M.-02:50 P.M.
Julia Baldivieso$400.92View Book Info
Fall 201427092102-148-1C4Central Campus10CRClosed 
08/18/2014-12/08/2014M08:30 A.M.-11:25 A.M.
Helen Proeber$400.92View Book Info
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